Ace Dog Harness

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Our harness is designed to Discourage Pulling Behaviour. Traditional Harnesses encourage dogs to pull harder because of the opposition reflex. The reflex causes dogs to pull against the pressure.

  • Stops Pulling - No more choking
  • Easy Off/ Easy On - Hassle-free On / Off in 2 Seconds
  • Adjustable straps - Fits Your Dog's Body perfectly and comfortably
  • Reflective - More visibility on night walks for increased safety and peace of mind
  • High quality - Durable & Made to Last
  • Multiple Colors - Find one to fit your dog's personality
  • 2 pcs 'Service dog' tag gift 

Optimal Load Distribution


Size Guide

 If you’re in between sizes, for Dogs that have a wide chest or shoulders, go UP one size.

If you’re in between sizes, for Dogs that have a narrow chest or body, go DOWN one size.


"Have you ever been looking for a product, bought and returned numerous different types and none actually work the way you want them to? Then just when you have almost given up something comes along and works exactly as you wanted it to? That's this harness. Our dog was diagnosed over a year ago with a collapsing trachea. Since then we have completely stopped walking her as she would always pull. Fortunately, we have a fenced-in yard for her to do her business but hated that we couldn't take her anywhere or go on walks. I purchased this product with the expectation that it would disappoint as so many others have. Put it on, adjusted the straps, fits snug but not too snug. We had our first walk in over a year and it works amazingly. No choking or coughing and minimal pulling." - Kristene


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