Fur Rake - The Ultimate Pet Grooming Tool

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Hello Pet Lover!

Help your furry friend to get along on the hottest days of summer!

Your pet has a lot of loose hair in his/her fur, especially when its shedding. With our Fur Rake you can easily remove the old loose hair, to make living much more enjoyable for your pets in summer!

Made with care:

Soft round edges make sure you are only getting out the old, stuck hair and not hurting your beloved pet's skin!

Using the Fur Rake:

It's important to know, that you can use the Fur Rake on pets with all kind of fur: short, long, with or without undercoat.

We are recommending using it at least 1-2 times a week for the consistent well being of your pet.

In the case of long-haired pets start using it slowly at first to avoid pulling their fur. A lot of hair could be built up in his/her fur if you newer used the Fur Rake before.

Both cats and dogs will be grateful for removing the old hair stuck in their fur. Just check the reviews at the bottom of the page ;)

Easy to clean after using: just pull out the hair backward from the Fur Rake.

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