Cat Litter Net

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Let's face it, changing Kitty's litter is never a pleasant experience 😩

Moreover, every-time you clean the tray, you're actually wasting money because you're throwing away clean litter! 

The Litter Net will simplify your life! Its filter removes only what needs to be removed! It makes it easier and quicker to clean your cat's litter. 

You're spending less time, and you're throwing away less clean litter. Install your kit into your cat's litter once, and refresh as many time as there are of layers.


Main Features:

  • Fast cleaning solution with large mesh to sift the cat litter
  • Tear-resistant mesh bag, durable, reusable for many times
  • 4 steps to get rid of your cat's mess
  • Easy to use
  • Made from Green PP Resin and Nylon
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  • Delivery time: 15-25 days (Due to high demand!)