Eco Brush™ - Bamboo Toothbrush Set (10pcs/set)

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Dear consciously thinking friend!

Welcome to our web page, dedicated to reducing our eco blueprint on our wonderful planet.

Did you know that…?

Plastic toothbrushes represent 2% of the wastes in our oceans. We're changing them constantly, so every year we throw away more than 4.5 billion plastic toothbrushes. Most of these toothbrushes end up in oceans and landfills.

Biodegradable toothbrush in the making

Our top priority was to make the most eco-friendly toothbrush ever! We are maximizing the use of recyclable parts during the manufacture of the brush and the packaging.

Being eco -friendly is only one of the top factors, being ergonomic and comfortable to use is also important. We ‘ve decided to use soft bristles, to make sure brushing your teeth will be a gentle experience for your sensitive gums. 

How to properly recycle it?

Separate the bristles from the handle using pliers, then put them into the recyclable plastic waste bin . After removing the bristles, place the bamboo handle in a composting or organic container and after a few months it will be completely decomposed. The Eco Brush is the best choice for your smile, and for the planet.

Save money and the environment with 1 simple decision

Our reasonably priced 10 pack will last almost a year for an average family. It sounds good, right?


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Every big journey starts with a single step

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